Wix, WordPress and the GPL

Quite a lot has been going on through the grape vine and blogoshpere about the recent legal dispute between Wix and WordPress. The story began last week, when Matt Mullenweg, WordPress’ founder, published a story about using the Wix mobile app. Matt explained that he downloaded Wix’s new app and that something felt familiar. According […]

Microsoft Open Source Patent License: Bad Flavor?

Last week, Microsoft released the core of its .net framework under a permissive MIT License, and readjusted its clocks to fit the new millennium. Until recently, Microsoft’s approach toward open source was like its approach to everything else: do what others do, but with our flavor. While most of the world used three major open […]

Privacy By Design [2014] : Plan Your Apps

[Based on my WordCamp 2014 Presentation, Prezi here] 0. Take a look at this video about Woosh Water‘s project. Woosh provide an amazing service, where the ordinary municipal water fountains were replaced by hi-tech fountains, providing clean water for residents, with user experience and less of the dirt and homelessness affiliated with water fountains. Their […]

Israeli Bill to Block Access to Gambling & Child Porn Websites

0. Israel is to attempt, again, to pass a bill that authorizes police officers to issue warrants to Internet service providers to block or restrict access to specific websites involved either in gambling, child pornography or copyright infringement. The bill itself proposes that such administrative procedures shall be clandestine and that court decisions shall be […]

Putin’s Pussy Scandal may Be Inspiration for Israel

0. A few months ago, Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, arrived to Israeli for a brief visit. The President, who receives embarrassing support from Israel’s minister of foreign affair, Avigdor Liberman and almost magical admiration from Knesset member Anastasia Michaeli, also received a warm warm hug from the Israeli government’s leaders, and first and foremost, Benyamin […]

Alis v. Rotter: Israeli District Court rules that linking is not direct infringement

A recent Israel court ruling stated that linking to copyright infringing content does not constitute a direct copyright infringement (CA 567-08-09 ALIS – Association for the protection of cinematic works v. Rotter.net Ltd) was quite an interesting one. Alis, the Israeli equivalent of the MPAA sought a popular forum website, Rotter.net, in regards to user […]