Are all of us stupid?

Israeli Band Teapacks is going to represent us in the next Eurovision Contest with a song called “Push The Button“, the alleged song is about crazy rulers who are “gonna blow us up to biddy biddy kingdom come”. Accusations against Teapacks had caused a possible ban on Israel.

Without prejudice, I think that the song itself does more damage to Israel than it may be imagined. The Israeli Band is a quasi-Kusturica in their multinationalism and lack the power of Kusturica’s music. However,  they do have the same look and feel. Singing in three languages where none of them are done right, with incoherent music (Is it rap? is it rock? is it changing all around) and no theme, makes it really bad for Israel.

Kobi Oz, the band’s singer is a very talented Israeli artist, who had already written a couple of books, and made revolutions with songs such as “Rabbi Joe Capara” and “The Old Bus Station“. The scent of Israelity from their music is incomparable to the latest mock of a song.

When Teapacks released their debut album in 1991 i was just 12, however, i went and bought it. The humor with serious messages made it quite the things to listen to. However, no one had imagined that in 15 years they’ll turn up to be just the opposite: from the Critical Israeli which uses humor to patronize against his politicians and stars they became the thing they hated. They can’t criticize the same government that sends them as our representatives to the Eurovision, so they have to be a part of the establishment.

I do wish them luck, it’s just too bad that all the viewers would think that all Israelites are retards and not good looking fun loving people like Tasha and Dishka.

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4 thoughts on “Are all of us stupid?

  1. I completely disagree, have played the song to at least 20 people who have never heard of teapacks nor of the eurovision, and they love it! and i do too! the eurovision is a joke competition, but its also a fun thing to watch, and i think with this song we have a chance, i personally obviously love it, as it shows our beautiful charecteristic as a nation: our ability to laugh at even the gravest of situations. humor cures all ailments

  2. I don’t know. It’s not that i don’t like Teapacks, but they seem like a bunch of retards with this music. It’s incoherent, without one style – is he rapping? is it rock? is it french chanson? i don’t know…

  3. sorry for answering you so late on this, it just took a while to calm down. i teach children to be artistic and free thinking and you cant give a label to a song so its not as good? I just went to 3 jazz concert, none of which actually played any jazz, it was amazing, but should i tell them ? should i inform them that there is no genre, and the rules say you cant play more than one style? creativity means its either good or not good. and thats an individual choice, but please, no labelling on music when its clearly not trying to be labeled..

  4. I don’t think that “you if can’t give a label to a song” then it’s not good. i think that this specific song is incoherent, unlike other Teapacks song i like. But music is like porn, it’s a matter of taste.

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