Message in a bottle

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I don’t want to die. I really don’t. I think that’s the main reason that people go towards peace; their fear of dying. That’s why i was so afraid of serving the army in the... Read More

The mess we’re in…

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Can you hear them, The helicopters; I’m in New York. No need for words now; We sit in silence. You look me; In the eye directly, You met me; I think it’s Wednesday, The evening; The mess w... Read More

Amateur Mistkes

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“Military intelligence, two words combined that can’t make sense” (Hangar 18, Megadeth) Some Lebanese blogs are being flooded with comments directing them to a new w... Read More

Recipe for peace

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Can it be that a week into the war we failed? Two prestigious Israeli writers, Shooky Galili and Yossi Gurvitz criticise Miri Regev, the military spokeswoman. Whilst Shooky says that Regev presents he... Read More


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There is no monopoly in common sense On either side of the political fence We share the same biology Regardless of ideology Believe me when I say to you I hope the Russians love their children too (St... Read More

First post

So why am i writing this blog in english anyway? I already have a hebrew blog with enough readers to satisfy my needs for accreditation and to cure my grafomania. I guess that i started this blog sinc... Read More