I know she doesn’t read this blog

So i can rant freely about the fact that i don’t get it. I just don’t get why she left me, and more than that, i don’t get why she left me for him??? I mean, would he been worth something, then maybe, but… i don’t know, he dumped her in the first place and he did it by SMS. what can she expect now?

Jonathan Klinger and Dana Sharon, Nov. 10th, 2006 The thing is that i know that i’ll never get back to her, not even if she crawls, and it’s not my dignity, it’s another thing, it’s the fact that i do feel humiliated now because of her. she saw me as number 2, i’ll never be able to recoup about it.

Oh well, i know it will go away, it goes away quite fast nowadays. even if it doesn’t, i know that it won’t matter, i can still sit and whine or i can just be a total arse and forget about her.

Any offers, anyone? as i am now in the meat market again.

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