Friday, I’m not in love…

For a week now, i have been unable to sleep, eat regularly or go out to pubs. Two problems with my Tinnitus is that i am not to be subjected to hard noise and that the steroids I’m taking are depriving me from Alcohol. Therefore, killing two birds with one stone: No fun for me. If you add up the breakup i’ve faced a week ago, I am one sick and lonely puppy.

Now it’s Friday, and after a night with 3 hours and 45 minutes of sleep (the time between the last blog post and the viewing of the new southpark episode) i woke up and went to the IDC to pick up my Student’s papers to check (I am teaching business law for MBA Students). I hoped it might take me a portion of the time so i can pass the night. It took me an hour.

The other thing is that whilst i cannot go to pubs, i think that the main option to maintain means of reproduction now has left. Add the increased inhibitions due to lack of Alcohol, and you end up with one lonely me again.

Good news, though, may come soon as i had got a mail (real mail) today bearing good messages. I might be eligible for 300,000 Israeli Shequels… (will update soon, promise).

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