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NRG-Maariv reports about a survey conducted in Israel regarding “Educational” beating of children (Hebrew link). Apparently, almost a third of Israeli adults believe that occasional violence towards children may be an aid to their education. This is no surprise for you if you know about Israel’s internal affairs, where stabbing and shooting in NightClubs is not as casual as in the US of A, but is still happening, and where parliament members who are in the Child Welfare Committee are calling for childbeating (hebrew link, with video).

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However, one must consider why is this violent approach happening? is this because Israel has been so violent against its neighbors and found out that violence is the only way to succeed in the Middle East, or is that violence and other killings affect the internal structure of our society in a way that leads us to be violent against ourselves as well?

Should our elected officials stand up and say something? or should i just blog about it to my drawer and ignore everything else?

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