Going Nowhere or maybe somewhere….

It seems like Israel is standing at the lowest point ever; Our president is going to be, after his hearing, charged with Rape, Illegal sexual encounters with workers, using the State’s money to buy presents and threatening a witness. Even after all the Prime Minister urged Katsav to resign, he stayed put. Katsav is determined to prove his innocence and will do everything possible to clear his name.

On the other hand, It seems that my government is going nowhere. Our prime minister is going to be charged for misuse of power in the Bid for the Leumi Bank, our Military Chief, Dan Halutz, resigned due to the situation of the army after the war (and some scandals on the way). And when everything is corrupt, what can you do?

One story that didn’t get to the English translations was the alleged poisoning of Parliament Member Nissim Ze’ev (which is, by the way, for violence against women). Ze’ev claimed to have felt bad after drinking coffee made from hot water served in the Knesset. An investigation made determined that the “poisoning” was from dirty dishes.

This whole circus is problematic for me. I’m on the verge of finishing my LL.M and going after my Doctorate. I wanted to attend a LawSchool in the UK. the problem is that it will make me leave my country and stop acting. I know i need to work harder towards the next elections and start the media circus around me. I know that in order to succeed i need to get a little mud on my shoes, but i really want to write my doctorate.

I can study in Israel, but it’s not the same. It’s like doing the doctorate off-hand, without any thought. I don’t know… We’ll see what goes on.

The good thing to know is that in a survey conducted yesterday, “only” 41% of the public thought that Moshe Katsav was guilty; we still have faith in our lynch mobs…

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