Killing the messenger?

Some things just don’t make sense, it’s not irony, it’s not fate, it’s just something senseless you face every day. SMS was one of the greatest inventions ever, but you can never know what you’re sent. If you get SMSed in the middle of the day with a casual “Hi” from one of your exs, you don’t know what to expect, right?

If you get it in the middle of the night, you usually do know, right? i know i do.

Communication is one of our basic needs, we need it for warmth, we need to know what’s going on with our friends. But communication is the evil that should not be also.

I left my phone open during Saturday’s fundraiser for the Dolev Foundation. Getting a message this way is usually something terrible just enough to kill the messenger. I was notified that one of my friend’s mother just died. and it was not over SMS, but over a message said to me by the person which answered the phone.

I don’t know why, but in the Information age we do have this information problem, i do not want to be dumped by SMS, nor on the phone or by a Dear John letter, i want to be dumped in a civil manner, face to face. the same thing for knowing someone died, though the last two were on the phone. It’s surprising that in this day we still need to be near someone that tells us the message, doesn’t it?

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