Where were you when the world stood still?

Avishay Braverman & Eitan Schwartz

Avishay, Eitan Schwartz and Karin (Avishay’s Assistant)
After thinking about it for quite a while i decided i have to attend today’s demonstration against the unethical treatment of the Darfur Refugees in Israel. There were One Hundred and Eighteen absent people in the demonstration. One Hundred and Eighteen Parliament members who chose not to attend and identify with the people of Darfur who face a genocide and “Ethnic Cleansing”.

The only two who deserve my respect are Avishay Braverman and Dov Hanin, both from the Israeli Left. (More images on my Flickr Account).

I know i neglect thing blog and should write here more often. It seems, though, that most concerns about the situation of Israel should be dealt in Hebrew. But i assume that Darfur is important enough for me to write. It is important that Israel, as a refugee state and as the state which was established on the remains of the jewish nation after the Genocide during WWII, we should be tolerant to other refugees coming to Israel to seek shelter.

I had a small argument with a demonstrator today, which i asked why should anyone object to allowing the refugees shelter in Israel; He said that the only reason is to prevent them from being a major part in Israel. I told him that in my humble opinion we cannot stand still as thousands are being slaughtered and even at the risk of losing the Jewish Identity of Israel, we have to allow humanitarian aid to these refugees.

If we allow the world to stand still now, it is only because we had not learned the lessons of the Holocaust. No one can stand silent to genocide, ever.

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