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Whilst the Nazi Threat returns to fight the nation of Israel sitting in Zion, the Parliament Members join to grasp the fumes of fame, Effi Eitam and Zevulun Orlev called today to prevent non-jewish immigration to Israel and for the denaturalisation of those who are convicted in Neo-Nazi crimes. The all-too-obvious calls show the hypocrisy of the Israeli Nationalist parties; whilst they call to increase punishment (and deprivation of rights) from Hate Criminals, as long as those hate crimes are committed against Jews.

A more adequate approach would have been to rethink (and it is recommended to read Moshe Zimmermann‘s fabolous article) about the definition of “Hate Crimes”.(and of course, until proven guilty et cetera). Even now, hate crimes are being committed in Israel. Even in Petach Tikva, where the Nazi group allegedly began, the State of Israel is committing hate crimes. Ethiopian immigrants in Petach Tikva were racially discriminated and were not allowed to enter a public school because of their skin colour. All along these years, however, Petach Tikva, which grew racist groups, won the Ministry of Education Award five years in a row. Is the education in Petach Tikva causing these hate crimes and Neo-Nazi groups or is it just boyish plays?

On the other hand, Eli Ishay, Israel’s minister of Labour and Commerce, calls to increase punishment against those who committed crimes against Jews. In an ironic manner, Ishay called to release jews incarcerated for crimes against arabs (see also). The Parliament member’s calls are not only populist, but incoherent and are here to serve only one goal, to show “Doing” and reacting for todays agenda.

Racial crimes are no worse than any other crime. Both have the evil element; It doesn’t matter whether it’s violence towards women (serial rape), Children (pedophiles), gays, Arabs or Jews. Violent crimes are violent crimes and the motive doesn’t change the fact that people were attacked. Is leglislation of Hatecrime laws hypocrisy? Is it just saying that there are some victims who are worth more and some who are worth less? (compate)

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