Max Mosely’s Privacy

This story, like Ashley Alexandra Dupree‘s story, has all the characteristics of a good internet story which raises the right questions. Max Mosely, the president of F1 Racing, was caught with his pants down when he was involved with a fetishist orgy dressed as a Nazi officer (for Jews like me, this may be a quite offending). Allegedly, a great case in Internet Law for law students which may have to face all the issues and details in the case, and above all, Mosely’s right for privacy. Publishing Mosely’s sex tape proves how perverted and peeping society we live in, whose perversions are no less offending than Mosely’s.

Indeed, it is quite hard to think of a harsher perversion than the one acted by Mosely as he was beating a group of women while dressed in Nazi uniform and they were dressed as prisoners in a death camp; The perversion is amazing, and I doubt if Mosely, which holds a small capital, could have used any tools to prevent the leak of this video to the public domain as both Scientologists did with Tom Cruise‘s leaked video (by legal means) or like Muslims who tried to remove Geert Wilders‘ movie, Fitna, with less legal means by threatening the lives of publishers. It seems that maybe my understanding of “If you have money, you have justice” is incorrect when the acts are so extreme.

The big question is Who Framed Max Mosely. Meaning, that someone had to track him down and want to frame him. These things don’t just ‘pop up’ on the web but apparently it was someone who invaded Mosely’s privacy and paid good money to extract this tape. This is not User Generated Content per se but it might cost Mosely his career. But it’s not just his career on the line, but the question why do we spread things so quickly over the internet (just because we can).

I don’t want to justify Mosely’s Fetish, nor do I wish to legitimise it, but we need to stop and think, and not just in the Internetish manner, should we criticise these people..

Max Mosely might not be a good man, he had fetishist sex with hookers while he was dressed as a Nazi officer, and this is enough to put him in my black book. But would he have gotten to my black book without someone invading his privacy? These are the cases where one’s right for privacy is so important. Privacy is meant for people like Mosely to execute their perversions without being in the public eye (as long as those perversions are legal, of course), in a private place and with consenting adults.

No one should ask me how do I have my sex, thank god, and not one will get an answer if he’ll ask. But you have to understand that the real criminal here is the one who leaked the video and infringed Mosely’s secret, and he will have to pay.

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