Book to Book, Sharing is Caring

Circumventing Amazon‘s Kindle Digital Restriction Management (DRM) earlier this week may be a small revolution and a new path into turning the human knowledge into something collective, distributional and more fair. The electronic readers, such as the Kindle, provide an alternative which is cheaper, efficient and comfortable to read books and convert them into a part of the new found culture. it is not a coincidence that Israeli publishers are trying to create their own electronic reader; they know that they may find themselves out of business if they remain in paper distribution; therefore, and following Amazon’s conduct when wiping books off its clients’ Kindle (and Ironically, it was George Orwell‘s Nineteen Eighty Four), a new need for ownership of technology came to effect.

Circumventing the copy-protection, of course, allows more than ever the sharing of books. If, over a year ago, I offered The Train Arrangement where books from the public domain would be printed and left it trains so that passengers would read them in their spare time; the conversion of books into commodities, even if making the books cheaper in value, allows making the books available to the public. (Thanks, Nati Davidi). In fact, creating a software that could link all these devices and make all the books, knowledge, literature and encyclopedias available and readable, will allow a distribution of knowledge and mobility of ideas.

The only question is whether the book publishers, which were fond of their readers up to now, will be hostile like the movie industry?

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