Some Thoughts about unjust killings and censorship

Judith Miller's article, translated and censored.Whilst I, as an Israeli citizen and national, cannot discuss what is known throughout the globe as the Israel’s censorship scandal, I can at least say that we can learn that Israel is not alone. Israeli courts, apparently, issued a gag order against reporting on a case relating to security measures, but that’s all I might have been allowed to state had the gag order was available to my hand.

However, Israel learned from it’s greatest friend: The United States was quite militant in fighting Wikileaks, a website dedicated to unveil corruption and unjustice, which was already involved in discovering money laundering schemes and (was taken off the web in a court order on Julius Bael v. Wilileaks). There was a reason why the US wanted Wikileaks off the web, as it is now known that Wikileaks published a video showing the US military forces in Iraq killing journalists (Available here).

But there are a few more similarities between the US and Israel. Israel also, as detailed in Uri Blau’s report from November 2008, was killing wanted Hamas militants instead of arresting them, against the supreme court’s decision and in contradiction to the law. However, the Israeli generals who disobeyed the Israeli law will never be brought to justice.

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