Gan Shula Newsletter, February 28th, 2005

Terror and the City
So we planned to go out, and spend our friday by giving out alcohol to random strangers in the city of Tel-Aviv. what i forgot what the date. it was February 25th, the day that Baruch Goldstein actually went and murdered 29 people. (Luckily, the media also forgot it and have no clue why was this terrorist bombing, LOL)

Finished my Seminar regarding incest, it drove me crazy. my final conclusion was that the entire book of Genesis was written in order to portray Solomon as the only possible king. This is too strange for me, therefore i got so crazy. I can't think straight. A few more hours of proofing and i'll submit it.

Work, Work, Work
6 More months until i finish my internship. That's it; half way done. I Know how much i caught up from this work, i just don't know if i'll ever implement it. I only understand now how important it is to have your own office and espresso maker.

Reading; Good Books
Currently toward the end of "Adoney Haaretz", by Idith Zertal, which i like, a tad too political, but can be ok. I also read lately the Bible (again) and i find it repulsive. More than that, i read so many books this last month i can't remember. I read The Communist Manifest, On the German Ideology (Marx), The Ego and Id (Freud), and so many other fractions of books. I think i'm over the 700 pages/day limit.

None, Still; Though i have a seminary assignment made.

Tried to intoxicated myself, couldn't succeed. was a terrible waste of money well earned. Will do my best to do it again.