Gan Shula Newsletter, June 30th, 2005

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Strange Day(s)
Well, this week I've been working on moving my apartment and writing this exam in philosophy of science so i had not the time[s] to do whatever i wanted to do. however, they were interesting days. I was quite amused from things happened and surely wasn't able to control my life.

[Partially in Hebrew, so the joke shall be understood]. Yesterday we celebrated the end of the school year with my pupils. One of the teachers, a devoted party member came to me quite happily and asked "תגיד, אתה תוכל להשיג לי ולאישתי סרטים כחולים" and i shivered. The man, around the late 40s, maybe early 50s, a great math teacher, asking me for pornography. Any how? might i was mistaken for a perverted freak??? Then logic (and language) hit me. What he meant was the blue ribbons everyone is putting on their cars and not pornographic movies. The mere thought of the Linguistic nature of our knowledge shocked me again.

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