Gan Shula Newsletter, August 3rd, 2005

I never believed that this day would come; and it is coming. Believe it or not, some of us are actually going to attend this historical event. We are pulling our forces out go Gaza. Unfortunately, we have to take the settlers out; meaning: Unemployment and terrible conditions for us – the taxpayers. On the other hand – less occupation == more freedom.

Well, living back in the centre is fun. Better than living far far away. I actually missed the idea of having friends over a few times a week. It's good to know who's my friend and who's my friend as long as he doesn't have to drive half an hour. Even though. My eating out budget has reduced dramatically. I can eat at home and have a full dinner with all i wanted (and i can have this precious time called procrastinating).

Back me up, Scotty
The last few weeks have taught me the importance of backing up important data. My brother's website ( crashed two days ago, leaving him with no backup and he needed to restore from a month old backup. Too bad. My Site (, not also crashed almost a month ago. the good thing is that there everything was backed up. I try to back up on a weekly basis. maybe i should do it more often (why am i saying it to you???)

New song recorded
I hope you all can hear it and let me know what you think. Before you diss me; I'm not singing here, so you can listen to it indeed and not be afraid. I do want to do a project where i can get everyone recorded. Please let me know if you're willing to attend.

Is almost over, 3 more weeks and then I don't have to deal with any more bodily injuries which i liked so much. It seemed so much like organ trading and putting a price on everyone's head. I'd miss the interesting stuff, though. It also gives you a euphoria of power, where you can decide someone's fate. However, the power is what makes you feel more responsible and therefore more just.

I want to run this competition, but i don't think i have the resources to do so nowadays. It could have been cool. I guess that instead i'll plan things that will never happen for a reason. BTW: Remember i said no more parties till i'm 27, right? So maybe just this one get together where we watch movies and drink a lot. but only if you actually show interest.