One for me and one for my homies

This goes out to all of my homies abroad, i figured out that since you have little time and write a collective one every once-in-a-while, i can do that too. thou shan't be worried; i`ll write a personal one as well….

Hi –
I'm sorry that i had no time to write, you see, i have a terrible time in school; it's my midterms and in one week i had to face 3 tests. Yesterday was `Lag-Ba-Omer' and we had a fire like the old times. we got two girls to kiss Oran, it was a challenge in a long and enduring 'I never' game, and although they were sixteen i think it's the first time in a while that he felt the scent of a woman, amir took pictures so we can all have fun…… besides that, it felt like home again, it was nice hearing from schwartz yesterday (10x 10x 10x) – i know he's the only one of you able to call, since he's near a civilization.
well – the important part, regarding me…….
this goes to you, please don't forward it to the people in israel, most of them don't know. i can be more open with you regarding this since i don't have to face you guys every day…..

last week i received a SMS from my myth (apparently) ex, ****….
it said "I'm sorry for what I've ever done to you….blah blah blah blah" and i just didn't get why she wrote that, i replied in order to see what she wanted and the conversation went in directions i did not like… it got to a point she asked me what should she do to make me forgive her, so i decided i need to be a better person, the mature one.
i told her all she needed to do is to volunteer in the youth center i volunteer (not on my days) in order get more in touch with the community and become a better person. i gave her phone to Naomi (the person running this center) and she called her.
last sunday she came to the center, Naomi (who knows ***** also because i introduced them while we were going out) told me yesterday that they are so the same (like you all said – except liran, anyway, who said that ***** is much cuter) and said that she'll be coming now once a week and help with the kids. now to my problem – – –
I don't feel forgiveful, i don't want to.
but the real thing that's haunting me is that i know that she's not doing it with bone fide (good faith) and i know that I'm not doing it with bone fide, i did this so i could be the one who has the cards in his hands now, the one who could tell her what to do,
for the first time in a long time (and possibly in my adult life) i did something I'm not quite proud of.

back to business –
Meir came back from the army after a month or so, amir is unemployed, oran is still a virgin.
Coch went to south america, if anyone knows his mail (and also yoav) send it to me.

and moving on to the personal stuff:

1. we all mourn for Lane Stanley, hoping that music will thrive anyway and hoping we can all keep memory of him and his music alive.
2. Zabar, Robbie and I are going to Amsterdam around mid august, with a short visit to berlin. if anyone of you is planning his return around these dates, i`d appreciate if you could go through amsterdam so we could meet there and chill out for a couple of days.
3. don't forget – ICQLite.

Best wishes,

Missing you all.